Andrew Carr, Oracle Corporation
Senior Director, Web Analytics and Metrics.


I have been privileged to have honed my managerial, technical and analytical skills at Oracle Corporation, a giant in the technology industry. Whether it is redefining the reporting of Oracle's web site metrics, building developer communities or managing products every day has provided an opportunity for professional growth. In my current role, I personally believe in delivering an accurate narrative to the business, by the numbers with integrity. Building that narrative is the art of blending data with analysis to tell a story that truly reflects the state of the business today, as well as with an insight into the future.

My Philosophy:

- The Data
Know the source of the data and how was it collected. Control data collection when possible. Is the data reliable? How is it organized? Has it been processed or transformed? Importantly, remember to keep data privacy and the regulatory landscape in mind.

- The Analysis
What business questions need to be answered, (rather than just asking, “what report can be run”)? Complete what-if analysis, use as much mathematical modeling as needed, but don’t over analyze. Automate, educate and empower data-driven decision making. Most importantly build a bright, inquisitive and knowledgeable team who can ask the right questions.

- The Story
Translating complex data analysis into something understandable is the final step. Tell it “as it is” without bias and with full disclosure. And of course it’s a story with pictures because as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My Areas of Expertise:
Marketing Analytics, Management and Mentoring, Web data collection (tagging), Developer Communities, Executive Presentations, Managing Costs, Online Privacy, Organizational Transformation, Public Speaking, Scaling-Out, Software Development Methodologies, Statistics, Web Technologies.

Graduated from Birmingham University, England with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Production Engineering and a B.A. degree in Economics (Honors).

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